Saturday, January 29, 2011

make me become your enemy !

ohh Syahidah Aziz =.=
hey girl, can u stop acting? pls stop spread about me =.= I suspicious u're good person, 
but I'm wrong, fer me u're same wif all peep's around me yg suke nk menjatuhkan ak! 
thanks babes, cos make me feel like artice.. hahhaha =)
1more thing, u think u're angel? ohh pls,jgn nk perasan lah babes.
U're like a bicth i guess. Stop to blame of me ok.
aku xpenah buat ap2 pon dgn kau kan.
Jgn ingat kau bertudung kau nie ni perfec oke!

p/s: Fuck those peep's who STABBING me from behind,talking bullshit,
HIPOKRIT and don't judging me from de outside look. 
So ENJOY UR LIFE while you can.. END